Become THE MASTER of your energy


As a Burnout Coach, the thing that I hear you tell me most is: I'm just so TIRED OF IT ALL.

When we start 1:1 work, we do a little something that Iike to call life pruning.

We cut away all the BULLSHIT that is using your energy and not serving you, or your business.

Now, you can have this magical 8-week course to help you do the same in a slow, controlled, and easy to apply manner.

It's time to find and plug those energy leaks!

Yes, I want to Master My Energy!
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You have more energy than you think!

Picture it like this: Your body is a vessel (and a glorious one at that ;))!

It's meant to hold and carry energy within it, much like a bucket carries water.


Just like a bucket with holes in it, your body, mind, and lifestyle have energy holes.

Out of these energy holes, you're losing energy ALL DAY EVERY DAY and not even realizing it.

I know that you can feel that when you read it because I can feel it as I type!

If you're getting to the end of your day totally empty and you're not exactly sure WHY, this is the course for you. 

Yes, I want to Master My Energy!
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We ALL have energy leaks and learning to find and plug them is a life skill that EVERYONE should have.

My background in Chinese medicine gives me an extra special take on this that I LOVE transferring to you.

Let me give you an example:

I talk about energy leaks A LOT, especially in workshops and keynote speeches. Recently, during a workshop, I asked everyone to share a physical energy leak (in this course you'll learn to find and plug physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy leaks!) and a woman raised her hand.

She said, "After I heard you talk about this on a podcast, I started paying attention and I realized that when I vacuum, I push and pull that damn thing with WAY more force than is necessary. I've learned to slow down and let the tool do it's job, now vacuuming is less of a chore and more of an exercise in mindfulness!"

This is called finding and plugging an energy leak! It seems simple because it is (all the best things are!)

YES! I want to Master My Energy!
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Weekly Focus

Everything is easier with guidance. By creating a format for your energy to follow, you are free from making decisions and plans. It's all done for you!

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4 Major Energies

A full week with each of the 4 energies in your body: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. The exercises will help you now AND later

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Energy Creation

Once you've found and plugged the leaks, and created a protective wall, you'll learn a method to build energy internally, based on qigong

Your Energy Is Waiting


I know that feeling alive again, and like yourself, is high on your list of priorities but it feels so out of reach that you don't bother.

I'm here to tell you that IT IS NOT OUT OF REACH.

More energy is your birthright.


You are doing magical things in the world, just by existing. It can be so hard to feel and appreciate your impact when you're completely fried and drained.

Your energy is waiting for you to take back control so that you can shine the way you're meant to.

This course is here to help you do it.

Can you picture your life shifting by making this choice? Can you feel the shift happening already?

YES! I want to Master My Energy!
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I'm supposed to tell you that you have limited time, that this offer will go away, that if you don't do this NOW, you'll regret it forever.

Well, that last part might be true.

But here's the thing. I want you to do this course because you feel it in your BONES that it is what you need.

I don't want you to feel scared or rushed into it.

I want you to embrace it (and then yourself) with open arms.

I want you to take action to prove to yourself that you can  - and that you matter.

See you in there <3

I want to Master My Energy


  • How much is the investment?
  • How much time will it take me?
    This course is designed to be as simple as possible while having the greatest impact. Count on needing an hour each week, but not all at once - 10 minutes a day ish will do.
  • What if there's things I already know?
    I HOPE there's things you already know! But remember, the most flexible mind is the beginners' mind. Ask yourself what you can get out of this information knowing who you are today, right now. It will be different next week and next month! (Also, feel free to come back in an re-do these exercises anytime. You'll have access as long as it exists).
  • What if it doesn't help me?
    If you get through week 2 and don't have any lightbulb moments, feel free to write to me at cait @ cait donovan .com. If I can't help you find one, I'll give you your money back. Once week 3 has started, no refunds will be offered.
    The only real reason I ever see that there isn't great progress is that you're more burnt out than you originally thought. In that case, the best option might be 1:1 coaching, which we can discuss!
  • What's qigong?
    Qigong literally translates as energy cultivation and it includes 100's of styles of breathwork/movement (a lot of them are called Tai chi) that were designed 1000's of years ago to help you restore energy internally, with focused breath and intention.
  • What if I can't do the qigong?
    Oh, this one you can do. It doesn't even require movement. If you can sit in a chair and count, you can do it. It's not religious, so that isn't a problem either.
  • Can I see a syllabus?
    You'll have access to the Intro as soon as you sign up and then week 1 starts right away. Each week, the next info and exercises  will be released.
    Sure, here's the basics:
    1. Intro, Welcome
    2. Define Energy Leaks
    3. Physical Energy Leaks
    4. Mental Energy Leaks
    5. Emotional Energy Leaks
    6. Spiritual Energy Leaks
    7. Rebuilding Protection
    8. Internal Energy Building
    9.Sum it up week
Ok, I Need This. Let Me Buy It Already!

But Wait - Who IS Cait Donovan?

My name is Cait Donovan and I'm an acupuncturist, burnout expert, host of FRIED: The Burnout Podcast and author of: The Bouncebackability Factor - Gain Resilience, End Burnout, & Change the World.

Everything I do is geared toward helping people (especially female entrepreneurs!) #endburnoutculture!

I do this because I WAS THAT PERSON. Over and over. I didn't burn out once. I was a burnout overachiever. I stayed on the burnout rollercoaster until they closed the park. Finally, a few years back, I decided to put my knowledge to the test, do extra research and save myself from myself... and here we are!

This course came out of the frustration that I found talking to other female entrepreneurs who said that they don't need 1:1 coaching just yet, but they do need some guidance... and everytime I asked, it all boiled down to energy management!

In response, this course was birthed!

When I'm not crusading to end burnout culture, I'm walking my dog, cross country skiing, drinking my tea of the week (currently Rooibos Chai - I get bored of flavors quick), reading, or laughing <3

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